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When planning a trip, buying travel insurance can give you peace of mind that you and your family can be protected in case of unexpected issues.

But as we all know, plans change. And when they do, you may find that you need to modify your travel insurance policy. Whether it’s adding coverage for additional activities or accommodating another family member, making changes to your travel insurance can ensure that you’re fully protected while you’re away.

In this article, we’ll take a look at what situations call for updating an existing travel insurance policy, the different changes you can make, and steps you need to take in order to implement them.

Why You Might Want to Update Your Policy

There are several reasons why you may want to edit your travel insurance policy. Let’s take a look!

Additional activities: You may decide to add additional activities to your trip after you’ve purchased a travel insurance policy, like going on a safari, bungee jumping, or booking a cruise. These activities may not be covered under the original policy, but you can add coverage for them by adding them to your insured trip cost.

Preexisting medical conditions: If you have a preexisting medical condition that you weren’t aware of when you purchased your policy, you may need to add coverage for it to your current travel insurance policy to ensure your claim (if one is made while traveling) isn’t rejected. Many insurance companies don’t cover preexisting medical conditions, though, so always read your plan’s fine print.

Change of plans: If you want to shorten or extend your trip, or change your destination, you may need to modify your travel insurance policy to ensure that your coverage is not affected.

Increase coverage limits: Another reason to edit your travel insurance policy is if you want to increase the coverage limits to provide more protection. For example, you may opt to increase your medical and evacuation coverage limit from $500,000 to $1,000,000 in case there is a serious emergency.

Change of travel companion: If a family member drops out from the upcoming trip, your travel insurance coverage may need to be modified to account for those changes to the traveling group.

You might also want to simply update minor travel details on your plan, such as the dates of travel, dollars spent, or any errors you made when purchasing your insurance.

Just remember that each provider has different rules and restrictions about modifying policies, so it’s a good idea to check with them before making any changes.

Changes You Can’t Make After Your Initial Purchase

As mentioned above, what you can and cannot change after purchasing your travel insurance plan depends on the provider, but there are a few things you’ll likely be unable to change.

For example, if the number of travelers on your trip has changed, you typically won’t be able to update your current plan to reflect that. Most insurers won’t allow travelers to be added to existing policies, but you can typically just buy a separate policy for those travelers.

Also, if you decide to extend your trip once you’ve already departed, some insurers won’t allow you to adjust your trip dates for your plan.

Just remember, nothing is set in stone. If there are changes you need to make to your plan, call and speak to a customer service agent (or even the 24/7 assistance service number) to find out if it is possible. Some changes are free, others may require additional costs.

How You Can Modify Your Current Travel Insurance Plan

So, how do you actually go about updating your travel insurance?

To get started, you can review your policy to see what changes are allowed and what the process is for making those changes. Most providers have specific guidelines or forms that need to be filled out to make changes to a policy. Some providers will let you easily make changes online, but for others, you’ll need to call and speak with a customer service agent.

Oftentimes, the easiest approach is to simply contact the insurance provider to inquire about the process for making updates to your policy. They can give you specific information about what changes are allowed, what documentation you’ll need, and any fees associated with those changes.

If the insurance provider requires any additional documentation, like proof of a change in plans or a letter from a medical professional, be sure to provide it as soon as possible.

Keep in mind that making changes to your policy may affect the cost of the policy, so be sure to review those costs before making your updates.

Once everything has been submitted, it’s important to follow up with the insurance provider to ensure that your changes have been implemented and that your policy is updated accordingly before you set off on your trip. The last thing you want is to discover that the changes were never made or that documents you submitted were rejected when making a claim.

What Else Should I Know About Updating My Policy?

Here are a few more things to keep in mind when updating your travel insurance policy:

Time restrictions: Many insurance providers have time restrictions for making updates to a policy. For example, if you want to increase your coverage limits, you might only be able to do so until 15 days before departure. Be sure to check with the provider for their specific time restrictions and make updates as soon as possible.

Additional costs: Depending on the changes you make to your policy, there may be additional costs associated with the updates. Be sure to review the cost of the policy before making any changes.

Verify the coverage: After making updates to your travel insurance, carefully review the amended policy to verify that the coverage is accurate and applies to the entirety of your trip.

Keep your policy documents updated: Keep a copy of your updated policy documents handy and make sure to bring them with you on your trip.

Keep in contact with the provider: Make sure to write down your insurance provider’s contact information before departing so that is easily accessible. You can keep in contact with the provider throughout your trip in case you need to file a claim or if you need assistance.

Remember, not all providers offer the same coverage options or modification possibilities. It’s always a good idea to shop around and compare different policies and providers before you make your purchase to ensure you’re getting the customizable coverage you need.

Final Thoughts

Overall, updating your travel insurance policy is a relatively simple process. Most insurance providers offer flexibility with their plans and will allow you to make most changes. You just may have to pay a higher premium or fee.

If you’re trying to keep your policy costs down, it’s best to compare prices and plans from multiple vendors, which you can do on TravelInsurance.com. It’s a free tool you can use to save time and money when booking travel insurance for your next trip.


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