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We all love to book a vacation, but how many people factor in the cost of travel insurance when planning a trip? A travel insurance plan costs much less than the overall value of your trip but can provide invaluable peace of mind if the unexpected happens while you are away from home. 

AAA has been known for providing similar reassurance to drivers in the form of roadside assistance since 1902. AAA currently has 61 million members and over 1,000 offices throughout North America which are networked into a federation of 32 motor clubs.

AAA also offers travel insurance, so let’s look at what AAA travel insurance covers, the types of trip coverage you can purchase, and frequently asked questions about AAA.

Travel Insurance Plans Offered by AAA

AAA travel insurance offers plans for single-trip and annual (multi-trip) needs. The policies provide coverage for domestic and international travel. You do not need to be a member of AAA to purchase AAA travel insurance.

AAA Single-Trip Plans

AAA offers the following single-trip plans: The Essential Plan, The Basic Plan, The Classic Plan and The Premier Plan. Single-trip plans are available for travelers visiting a domestic or international location. Single-trip travel insurance policies can vary in price based on home location, travel destination, age, and overall trip costs.

The Essential Plan

AAA’s Essential Plan provides the least amount of coverage among the AAA plans offered. This is a good choice if you only want trip cancellation and trip interruption coverage. The Essential Plan may be sufficient if you already have health insurance and travel domestically since it doesn’t include emergency medical insurance coverage. It also doesn’t cover the loss of personal property, so be aware if you bring expensive belongings on your trip.

The Basic Plan

The Basic Plan includes The Essential Plan’s basic trip cancellation and trip interruption coverage as well as medical coverage, travel delay, and baggage loss protection.

The Classic Plan

The Classic Plan is similar to The Basic Plan but offers coverage for points and miles reinstatement fees. There is no deductible for emergency medical or dental treatment, while The Basic Plan has a small deductible.

The Classic Plan provides concierge assistance and has higher limits for trip interruption, travel delay, lost baggage, baggage delay, emergency transportation, and emergency medical and dental.

The Classic Plan + CFAR (Cancel For Any Reason)

The Classic Plan offers an optional CFAR (Cancel For Any Reason) upgrade for an additional cost. As its name suggests, CFAR provides reimbursement up to a certain percentage of the pre-paid, non-refundable cost of your trip if you have to cancel your trip for any reason.

The Premier Plan

The Premier Plan is nearly identical to the Classic Plan, but has higher limits for travel delay, lost baggage, baggage delay, emergency transportation, and emergency medical and dental.

Rental Car Damage Protection Plan Add-on

You may be interested in a rental car damage protection plan add-on if you will be renting a car. This upgrade provides up to $40,000 in coverage for rental car damage repairs and theft. It also provides $1,000 in coverage for trip interruption and baggage loss. Before buying, make sure to check with your rental car company and other insurance providers to compare similar insurance plans and prices to those offered by AAA.

AAA Annual Plans

People who travel very frequently within a year will appreciate that AAA offers an annual travel insurance plan. The plan covers multiple trips for twelve months, so you don’t have to spend time researching travel insurance before each trip. Annual plans cover domestic and international travel, so you can travel almost anywhere you like.

AAA offers four different plans for multi-trip travelers: the Annual Deluxe Plan and three levels of the Annual Executive Plan.

Tip: Even if you purchase an annual plan, each individual trip you take may not exceed 45 days. If you plan a trip longer than 45 days, compare plans offered by other travel insurance providers to choose a more flexible plan or secure extended trip protection.

Annual Deluxe Plan

The Annual Deluxe Plan doesn’t cover pre-trip cancellation or loss of personal property, but it does offer medical coverage.

Annual Executive Plans (three tiers)

The Annual Executive Plan has three tiers based on how much trip interruption and trip cancellation coverage you need. All other benefits are identical. If you are a business traveler and need coverage for delays and business equipment rentals, the Annual Executive Plans offer more comprehensive coverage than the Annual Deluxe Plan.


Who provides travel insurance for AAA?

AAA uses Allianz Global Assistance to offer affordable, comprehensive travel insurance options.

Do you have to be a AAA member to purchase AAA travel insurance?

No. You can purchase AAA travel insurance without being a member of other AAA services.

How much does AAA travel insurance cost?

AAA travel insurance options include Essential, Basic, Classic, and Premier plans. Depending on the requested coverage, you can expect to pay 3% to 6% of your overall trip costs.

Which AAA travel insurance should I purchase?

Your travel insurance needs can vary depending on your trip and how often you travel. You may also have travel insurance coverage through another source, such as a business or rewards credit card.

Tip: To take advantage of the travel insurance benefits afforded to you by your credit card, pay all your travel expenses with that credit card. Tracking your spending will be easier if you need to file a claim later.

If your credit card offers a form of travel insurance coverage, research whether it covers medical expenses. If not, you can purchase an emergency medical policy on its own. This is highly recommended if traveling internationally since your U.S. medical insurance will likely not be accepted.

Most travelers will find that they do not have adequate coverage through their credit card, and consider making up the difference with a comprehensive travel insurance plan for their domestic or international trip.

If you travel frequently for business or pleasure, an annual plan can be less expensive and more convenient than purchasing travel insurance for each trip separately. However, remember each trip can only last a certain number of days.

To make sure you are getting the right coverage at the best price, get quotes on to compare plans and find travel insurance for your specific needs.

Is there anything that AAA travel insurance doesn’t cover?

Each travel insurance plan has exclusions, which are listed in the written policy. It’s vital to read your policy carefully to know what is covered and what isn’t.

You can expect most travel insurance policies to deny claims that include the following:

  • self-intoxication, drug use, self-harm
  • criminal activity
  • epidemics
  • acts of war
  • natural disasters
  • extreme sports, such as skydiving and bungee jumping

Additional exclusions may apply based on your home location or travel destination.


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